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26 December, 2010

It's an End of Year Sort of Thing

I'm cracking my fingers. Licking my lips. Have the tunes going, and am sitting down at my native keyboard.

But there's not much to report. I'm sitting in an apartment in Brisbane lamenting the weather and refreshing my Facebook and Twitter. The cricket isn't providing the sort of entertainment I envisaged.

I'm here with my family. It was a necessary move this year after avoiding the family Christmas last year. I was appreciative of the family time and stuffed myself senseless this year, but a part of me just couldn't get into it. I'm not sure what's placed me in this mini-funk, but if I could hazard a guess I would say it's a combination of amalgamated hangovers blended into one, and what's going on with work.

There's not much I can say about it on a public forum, but needless to say it's a shade unsettling and I'm looking forward to the resolution I'll have half-way through January.

I doubt I'll update again before the year's end, and while my history of sticking to them is chequered, I'd like to make a couple of resolutions.

1. Gym: three times a week at least regularly.
2. Book: Complete in 2011.

Short and simple. And totally achievable.

I wouldn't mind some travel either. Watch this space.