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24 January, 2011

2011: Ending something, or beginning?

So my last entry was a bit on the glum side, and to be honest, I entered 2011 with the glumness semi-continuing. It's been hard to shake off this work stuff, but I've persevered and it looks like things are starting to come good. However the situation unfolds now, it will see me in a good position, and ready to kick some arse.

I guess the turning point was talking to two of my old colleagues - and getting their perspective on things. I voiced my thoughts and they were nothing but pillars of support. I've been in digital media three years now, and I'm starting to command some genuine respect amongst my peers. It felt good to hear this respect, and no matter how I decide to take on this year, it's going to hold me in good stead.

How will I take on this year? Well it depends on how this work situation unfolds. What is this situation I keep referring to? Well, it's hard to explain unless you're in media, but essentially the client I work for is realigning their agency - which may or may not include us. I'll know in a week or so what's happening, and it will be good to have some direction. I say direction, but really, it's more catalysts for change. I think this will be my last year in Sydney, as overseas is beckoning. There are one or two things that might keep me here for a bit longer, but essentially my heart is yearning for travel. I've done Australia, my demons are behind me, and there's no more excuses.

I've been talking my intentions through with friends and colleagues and the response has been encouraging. It makes sense and it's clearly something I've invested a lot of thought in - now I just need to rub out my debt and make dreams a reality. And if there's one thing I've proven to myself it's that dreams are the sort of thing I like to chase.

On a lighter note, one dream is over. My time on my beloved Inthemix has ended by my own choosing. I retired. In the end, I like doing things on my own terms and the site isn't the same as I once knew it. Yes, I flagrantly start attention on the thing, but it's no longer an enjoyable vehicle for my rants on the Internet. I started off sharing my life on OpenDiary in 2001 and haven't really looked back, I essentially changed the vessel around 2005-2006 to ITM, and now it's time for another change of vessel, I no longer get the kicks from sharing what I have to say on there after 15,000 posts, and for better or worse I chose to end on a high note (ie. a final thread). I've made the majority of the friends I have today either directly or indirectly through the thing and I'm not going to bear ill will towards something that's given me so much. So salutations you old devil of a website you, maybe now instead of starting threads I can invest some time on here.

But what exactly is this blog apart from a vehicle for my concerns? I think in my next entry I'll set something in writing aside from 'The Scrawlings of Marshwah' as my 'angle'. And run with it. I'm leaning towards three options: keep it as it is, make it more about digital media and what's happening in the industry, or turn it into a vehicle for overshare. Actually, next time I'll do a list of the pros and cons of each.

Stay tuned.