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08 June, 2012

In for the Long Haul

I've been sitting on the longest flight I've ever flown. London is less than two hours away. I'm sitting next to a grandma from Scotland. I'm listening to a 2005 King Unique set recorded live. I'm sipping a scotch and diet Coke. Everything is how I want it to be. This is what travel's about.

Man, I'm sure I've mentioned my upcoming holiday on the blog right? My oft-updated blog? No?

Well colour me pink with a rusty crowbar, it's the journey of a lifetime and in the words of Deborah Conway - it's only the beginning.

Starting today I've embarked on an 18-day tour of Europe. Home of The Final Countdown. Maybe.

This trip has been in the works for a long time. In fact, in recent years, this has been the longest I've delayed gratification. I booked it in February, and the planning started at the very least by October last year, probably earlier. It's the holiday I've been wanting to happen since I was 15. For those of you playing at home, that was 13 years ago.

Sure, some circumstances have been out of my control, but it was time to take command of my destiny and do it. Stand back guys, I got this.

My prose may be floating around a bit and for that I apologise, I think I've racked up half a dozen beverages, thank you very much. Although, it's been diluted over a 13-hour flight, so I'll have to make up for that when I visit my friend and visit a ye olde English pub.

The timing is pretty good for a celebration. I got shortlisted for the B&T 30 Under 30 this week. I'm absolutely blown away by it and very pleased to even be considered for such recognition. The fact I get to share the accolade with a friend and former colleague is humbling, as well. Well done Sam.

The final 30 is announced at an industry event I've been invited to on the 18th July. Amazing. Looking forward to attending that one and donning some fine clothes let me tell you!

So where am I going besides London. Well, I think we've planned this pretty well. We have six days in London, six days in Barcelona for Sonar Festival, and then six more days in Berlin before returning to Singapore, and eventually Sydney.

And what's it like being back? Bloody fantastic I tell you. I couldn't be happier with the result and it's been a privilege to rekindle friendships back home with company I love and enjoy. The travel bug has firmly taken hold and I don't think I'll be in Australia for the long-term, but for now it's heartwarming and just what I desired. I wouldn't say I was unhappy in Singapore, it's just made me realise how much I love Australia. Watch this space and mark my words, one day I'll be buying property in Williamstown, a suburb just west of Melbourne. Mark them well. One day...

Dreams are made to be realised. And I'm pursuing and realising another one today. Seriously, I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to do what I do. The fact that things looked a bit more bleak six to seven years ago only makes it all the more sweeter.

And I'm writing a story to tell you about it. I know, I know. The book is almost a vapour-tale, but I really think that dream will be realised within the year. I attended the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, and between that and this holiday, things are looking like they will be delivered upon.

Speaking of special deliveries. Oops, I did it again. Yep, I've ordered a special delivery for 20 kilos to be extricated from my body. Third time lucky, only luck has nothing to do with it. It will be discipline and hard work this time around. And yes, I realised the irony of saying that while boozed up on a holiday to Europe... It's unfortunate timing but it just means I'll have to work extra hard when I get back. There's a lot more riding on it this time and failure is not an option. Australian Summer, ladies, gents, and potential lover-partners, you've been warned.

Sayonara bitches, I've got a holiday to attend to. They say that in Europe right?

P.S. Things I would have tweeted if I had Internet access this flight:
Holy shit there's a city in Europe called Dresden?
Where the alcohol at?
Man, I've been a hater, but Breaking Bad has been pretty compelling.
I'm so excited I'm about to piss my pants, and I wish I could to replace this warm satisfaction I'm feeling.