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18 April, 2010

Feeling a shade melancholy

The weekend's come and gone, and while it wasn't a specatcular affair, I should be feeling more pleased with myself than I actually am. I got to catch up with friends on Friday, Saturday, and today, but all I really wanted to do was curl up under a doona and retreat from the world for a little while.
Which I got to do this afternoon. It was glorious. I watched Interstella 5555, an animation to go alongside Daft Punk's album - Discovery. It was an excellent accompaniment to an album I know inimately.

I was also meant to do some work on the book this weekend. That failed dismally. I'm very poor at working on it with a hangover, and after Friday night at my friends house I was certainly hungover. Yesterday and today I've felt like garbage - runny nose and headachey - but I seem to be coming good now.

There's two things I'm looking forward to this week. Payday (Tuesday) and my trip to Melbourne (Friday). For the latter, I'm actually going for ten days. Which is close to the longest amount of time I've spent there since moving here. Did I say I'm looking forward to it? I've got a few things on, a friend's farewell, a reunion with my old college pals, and a wedding. The main events are spread out though, which will give me plenty of time to see everyone I want to see, without feeling rushed like I usually do.

That'll do for now. Time for an early night, a bit of It's Always Sunny, and a good night's rest before another week of work.