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28 April, 2010

Travelling home

Written on the 26/04/2010

I'm sitting on a V/Line train on my way to my beloved home town, Traralgon. It's a far cry from Sydney, but also a welcome sojourn as I cruise through my holidays.

I'm also nursing a bit of a hangover, since getting off the plane to Melbourne it's been rather non-stop. Not that I'm complaining, in the past few days I've managed to catch up with old school friends, Inthemix buddies, and my uni pals too. Now that I'm on my way to the country, it will be good to have a bit of down-time. I'm spending the next couple of days there, and then will return to Melbourne to do more catching up. This time with the poker crew I used to play with, a few more school friends, catch the Bulldogs in action, and rounding it all off with a wedding with two close friends. It's also a farewell for two more close friends, as they are heading off to Thailand.

I'm glad I made the trip back south, as I feel like a respite from work. It's not that I'm getting worn down or anything, it's more that I need a bit of a break after working through Christmas and not having that extra amount of time to do nothing. Doing nothing is important from time to time, and the next couple of days will be all about that. I'm usually a lot more selective with my days off, picking the moments to extend a weekend when there's a big party on, or incorporating some leave next to a public holiday. I call it optimum use of leisure time.