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21 February, 2012

Bound for Glory

I've been brainstorming themes for my blog overhaul. Heres a few descriptions I was toying with:
  • work in online, writing a book, trying hard not to be a wanker (and failing)
  • there is no shame
  • digital media by day, digital glory by night
  • self, love, online, writing
There's clearly a theme here. (I liked self and love together on the last point, well played me). And I think I'm slowly edging towards a USP. I've spent most of my time online with reckless abandon, and still seem to be doing okay. I've got a good job, get to travel, and tend to have a lot of fun pursuing both the serious and not so serious.

For example, I'm serious about getting my book published, and not so serious about my approach to online.

I've boned up on some of the blogs out there, and there's a lot I can learn from them that I will begin applying to my blog. Stuff like SEO, online writing, proper coding, managing content, and the like, I can apply. 

Unlike these blogs though, who are catering to an audience who is interested in writing, I'm writing to a predominantly disinterested audience who is largely Australian.

Would you believe it, most people who read Marshwah are Australian

Whoa, whoa, who said they were disinterested?
I do.

Nobody wants to hear about an attention-seeking, self-obsessed loon trying to get his book about himself published.

The goal is to get people interested.
The journey starts now.